Why 2020 Could Be a Great Year for Best Fiat Crypto Exchange

Why 2020 Could Be a Great Year for Best Fiat Crypto Exchange

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The year 2019 was big and interesting for both cryptocurrency and financial technology, but the present year is shaping up to be even more exciting. Here are some of the developments that are booming the crypto ecosystem:

Crypto ecosystem getting institutionalized

Cryptocurrencies have been in the business for a long time but now it started getting the attention of governments and authorities. The year 2019 saw crypto space growing from baby to a toddler; it’s a sign of maturing market. Crypto ecosystem maturation has grabbed the attention of industry experts and many top institutions have shown their interest in this new technology. Top institutional players such as Nomura, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, and many others are launching the best fiat crypto exchange. So the year 2020 will see many such announcements as other institutions players are eyeing this space.

Market players from service providers to exchanges are taking crypto initiatives, either by partnering with popular crypto companies or by building their own solutions. Experts believe this as a very positive step for the crypto ecosystem, a much-needed dose of institutional maturity as well as experience. Hence some of the large tech firms from different fields have already started working on different crypto initiatives, in a few months there may be several surprises coming up. Moreover these companies have set up crypto teams who are working on their own Blockchain.

More crypto regulations

Many regulators around the world are well-informed about cryptocurrencies but they don’t get a necessary appreciation for their innovative or advanced thinking policies. But the past year saw things changing and this is a very good sign. Regulators from across the world are issuing hands-on guidelines as well as frameworks for different crypto assets. Last year crypto regulations were introduced in Switzerland, Malta and Hong Kong, a sign which will help the crypto industry grow in these places.

2020 will follow this trend and see more governments and regulators coming forward providing regulatory clarity. Crypto industry needs and wants regulatory clarity; this will boom the crypto ecosystem. Surprises here can be expected from some of the large and traditionally less popular jurisdictions, the list of crypto friendly jurisdictions will only increase. Nations like the United States are taking initiative to make the country competitive and crypto-friendly. Already one can find plenty of options to buy through best fiat crypto exchange in Australia, the number of crypto ATMs and online exchanges are increasing at a rapid rate. Because of platforms like AusFinex instant, secure and easy trading of popular cryptocurrencies are possible. Already these signs are exciting for crypto enthusiasts.

Data Privacy

The year 2018-19 saw public and media scrutiny of popular platforms like Google and Facebook. Users from around the world are using these platforms on a regular basis, users share personal data for free to avail of different facilities and services. Now users have full control of own data, this can be monetized in different ways including micro-payments. Moreover, we will see different prices based on the value of the information or data shared. For instance, a professional climber or an athlete will be in command of getting a higher price for his or her data than an individual having a normal job.

Global regulatory collaborations are increasing every year, paving way for new developments across sectors. Regulators are leading by an example, encouraging startups and businesses around Blockchain and crypto ecosystem. Though it took some time for these innovations to grab the attention of regulators, now after creating such impact things are changing very fast. The year 2020 will see many new developments and changes coming up, which will take cryptocurrencies to new heights. In this year cross border engagement and regulatory cooperation are allowing companies to test different new products and services easily, by year-end these trends will only increase.

So what you have to say about the Crypto boom? Aren’t you excited? Start making a few crypto investments through AusFinex for a better future!

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