Finding the best investments from OTC Trading Desk for 2020

Portfolios to Watch in 2020 Second Half

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The first 6 month period of 2020 is surely going to the history books. What a ride it has been! This time is one of the most impactful and craziest times of the world economy. Coronavirus pandemic has created havoc across sectors. The effects of this pandemic will probably stay for quite some time. And yet, few sectors were not only able to weather the effect but show consistent growth in the first half. Here we review some of the sectors with promise and good investment opportunities. Ausfinex OTC Trading Desk portfolios offer exposure to diverse options for investors. But before investing, know the best portfolio solutions for your financial goal.

Crypto Market

Cryptocurrencies are constantly going mainstream, irrespective of the recent devastation. For a long time, this asset class was marked as, a financial pariah. However today the situation is all changed. Cryptocurrency investment is into mainstream folios. The crazy highs and lows of the crypto market are a thing of past now, the first half of 2020 so stable crypto market. And this is a clear sign of the maturing crypto market.

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin is today the best bet. Post halving price rally may not be as expected but the best is yet to come. The sharp rise of Bitcoin is on the cards. If you are looking for an investment, go for Bitcoin. Give six to one year horizon for good gains.
  • Ethereum: After the much-awaited Bitcoin halving the next big event is Ethereum 2.0 launch. And if this works as many are expecting, Ether can every easily take on Bitcoin in the next few months. Ether is the dark horse of the crypto market. Give it a try!
  • Ripple:  Though Ripple is struggling to recover from the 10th May crash it is the next big potential in the crypto market. As Bitcoin is growing back, XRP is gearing up to take other assets.

Stay Calm

The key to crypto investment is calmness. Panic Mode often leads to short selling and this ends up causing huge loss. The above folios can earn huge profits; given you hold your assets for some time. However, because of the unique nature of these assets, always exercise caution for both long and short term investments.

Technology to your Rescue

As many sectors such as physical retail, leisure, and travel took a severe hit because of the pandemic, some sectors are exploring all the opportunities. The e-commerce sector is now a norm everywhere. As many corporations are furloughing employees, e-commerce services are hiring fresh and best talents to meet the rising demand. So looking for investment opportunities in the second half? E-commerce portfolios – a good bet!

As billions of people are locked indoors, online activities are becoming a trend. Video games and online video rental services are now the hot favorites. Also, the World Health Organization already issued a recommendation to play video games and watch content online to deal with the situation. Hence, investment in the video game industry and online video rental services is a good option for gains.

To sum up, the present crisis is all about health. That is why Biotech companies are in the limelight. New technologies are used to research and deal with complex health problems. As Coronavirus is becoming a threat every day, healthcare companies are looking for an effective vaccine. Investors can come forward and show faith in some of the best services in the healthcare industry. Because of the pandemic, the industry has recovered massively from the slump and is expected to make more gains.

Being Cool is the Key

As we march towards the second half of 2020, it is hard to know what is coming. However, as economies are slowly reopening, being optimistic is the key. Leave the worst behind and think for your future gains. Having said that, the Coronavirus wave can again create more devastation, making investments tough. With the Ausfinex OTC Trading Desk platform, you can select from a wide range of portfolios to meet your future goals. For financial security, investment in the right portfolio is the key.

So, if you are looking for new investment opportunities going ahead to the latter half of 2020, check all the options with Ausfinex OTC Trading Desk. Digital currencies are the next big thing and in days to come it will dominate the financial world! Diversify your investments now!

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