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Fascinating Cryptocurrency Facts which you weren’t aware of

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Cryptocurrency is the modern-day financial world revolution. This concept has turned out every traditional thinking and challenged the conventional way of the financial world. To capture the essence of cryptocurrency, thought of putting forward all the interesting facts about this revolutionary currency. Let’s start digging before you join a digital currency trading platform!

Most expensive purchase!

The Crypto world is volatile which gives you the chance to become rich in no time. Many crypto traders and investors have become rich in a short span of time, on the other hand, few had some regretful moments for missing the opportunity. Back in 2010 when cryptocurrency was in its initial days, a Bitcoin user bought Pizzas from Papa John’s paying 10,000 Bitcoins. His hunger and access to Bitcoin made him instantly popular back then. Can you believe two pizzas for 10 K Bitcoin? This was talk of the town then and will remain the most expensive pizza purchases in the coming few decades for sure. This incident has to be in the cryptocurrency history books for sure!

Over 5000 different digital currencies on the market!

The Crypto world is booming and that is the reason why there are so many currencies in the market. New digital currencies are getting introduced in the market at a rapid pace. How many cryptos are in circulation do you believe? Approximately there are more than 5000 different currencies across the globe today! Not all these cryptocurrencies are as valuable as Bitcoin. But the one who will spot the bright future of the cryptocurrency will surely end up being the richest in days to come. What do you think?

There is a huge race among digital currencies to emerge as the next ‘Bitcoin’. Some currencies are coming up with attractive names; attractive investment options just to draw the attention of users. A popular digital currency trading platform is allowing crypto enthusiasts to invest or trade these currencies. But the reality is not all coins will make it big. Only a few will see the light after ending the race.

Making profit out of volatility!

It is the first thing you should know about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are volatile which gives you the chance to be rich in the quickest possible time. Go through all popular cryptocurrency prices since launch; you will realize the price increase in such a short time. Crypto price keeps shifting in unpredictable ways and that is what gives you the chance to earn a profit anytime. By joining the best crypto exchanges you can track price changes and trade as per convenience.

Interesting facts around cryptocurrency

Here are some of the interesting facts about cryptocurrency to date:

  • Roots of cryptocurrency go back to early 1983. David Chaum, a popular American Cryptographer received anonymous digital currency during that year.
  • Ever heard of crypt debit cards? Yes, it is true! Cryptos have all the advantages over the conventional currency. With crypto debit cards you can use preferred digital assets like fiat currency anywhere in the world for any purpose.
  • Bitcoin is a virtual digital currency? No! Bitcoin was brought to physical shape by Mike Caldwell, also known as Casascius. He was behind the tactile version of Bitcoin!
  • Heard of crypto ATM? Start getting accustomed to it now. According to the latest market reports, crypto ATMs are increasing staggeringly in most countries across the globe. Presently USA has the maximum number of crypto ATM, after Canada, the United Kingdom, and Austria. The report also suggested that the numbers of crypto ATMs in some places are growing exponentially, which shows its wide use.
  • Do you know what the lifeline of cryptocurrency is? Blockchain! Without Blockchain, no cryptocurrency will ever survive. One of the applications of Blockchain is a cryptocurrency, so without it, you can’t expect cryptos whatsoever.
  • Bitcoin is today the most popular and profitable cryptocurrency. At the time of writing Bitcoin is traded at around $10,500. Do you know what its price was in the initial phases? Back in 2010 Bitcoin was traded for around 0.0008 to 0.08 USD for a single coin. Can there be any better investment options?


Cryptocurrencies are now the talk of the town everywhere. Hope these fascinating facts filled with a bit of history excited you. Bitcoin is undoubtedly the crypto king which is dominating since the start. But over the years many other cryptocurrencies have come up in the market with new concepts and features. Browse through the Ausfinex digital currency trading platform and app to take a look at various other fantastic and promising cryptocurrencies. Hope you have a great crypto trade journey!

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