What led to the demand of best Bitcoin exchange Australia?

How Bitcoin a better investment than bank stocks and gold?

With the global economy going through turmoil because of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, investors around the world are looking for suitable investment options. Traditional investment options such as bonds, stocks, and assets such as gold are not looking to be suitable. Many modern-day investors are now shifting towards the best bitcoin exchange Australia to make crypto investments. The demand for cryptocurrency has only increased over the years. Recent economic turmoil has led to the sudden growth of crypto investments. So are you searching for the best investment considering the present economic situation? Then you’re in the right place.

Why investment?

Before knowing about the best investment options in the market, one needs to first know why to invest. Investment in any form is a process of earning profit from money in a certain duration. Every individual invests a portion of his or her earnings for securing the future. Now in today’s market, there are countless investment options, starting from stocks, bonds, real-estates, or buying precious metals.

In recent times best Bitcoin exchange Australia platforms have emerged as the lucrative form of investment. Cryptocurrencies are proving to be a haven asset. Bitcoin, one of the popular cryptocurrencies are a hot favorite investment option for the recent generation. Presently Bitcoin is trending in the economic world. There are numerous advantages with Bitcoin that make it ideal for today’s situation.

In the last few years, Bitcoin has emerged as the best investment option. The recent pandemic crisis has helped millions around the world to make the switch. Compared to traditional banks and precious metals, trading cryptocurrency is more profitable. Join the best Australian Bitcoin Exchanges now to add Bitcoin to your portfolio.

Why crypto as an investment?

Cryptocurrency is relatively a new concept, though it is over a decade old in the financial market. Bank investments have always been a standard option, but things are changing now. Technological advancements in the financial sector are paving way for new options. Off late, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies have garnered huge attention in the financial world. The decentralized nature and advanced technology behind crypto have made it a preferred mode of investment in 2020. Here are a few of the main reasons why crypto makes a better choice than traditional banks:


The price of crypto soars and plummets is based on market sentiment. Any investors can grab this opportunity and earn a good fortune for themselves. Professional investors through accurate analysis of crypto price rise and fall patterns can earn handsome profit. With traditional banks or stocks, it is not so true. Normal banking doesn’t give much scope to secure extra profits, the reason why crypto investments are proving to be handy today.

No government or financial institute control

Bitcoin is decentralized, which means it is unaffected by the central bank or government rules or regulations. This is one main reason why the ongoing pandemic didn’t adversely affect the crypto world. Crypto prices are soaring and have emerged as the best investment option today. By joining the best Bitcoin exchange Australia investors can make the crypto purchase anytime. Also, crypto prices can’t be devalued or affected by inflation because of the central bank or government control. However traditional banking system is centralized.

No chance of frauds or scams

One of the best features of cryptocurrency is advanced security features, making it fraud or scam-free. The whole nature of Bitcoin makes it safe from traditional currency frauds or scams. Blockchain is the underlying technology to Bitcoin, which maintains a record of all transactions and verifies each transaction thoroughly. This new technology is hack proof. Hence preferred over traditional banking systems in many places around the world. Normal banks or institutes suffer a great degree of fraudulence, hence it is unsafe. Investors with traditional currencies can suffer because of bank failure, currency counterfeit, or other problems, not the case with cryptocurrency.

No third party interference or middle man

Investment or trading cryptocurrency is profitable and quick because there is no third-party interference. Traditional banking transactions or investments involved third party who makes the process slow and less profitable. Most banking stock investments involve several parties; also the bank cuts a huge portion of the profit as interest. Add to it the pain of time-taking transaction process. If you are looking for a high yielding process or option, cryptocurrency is the best investment solution.

Privacy ensured

At a time when personal information leakage through the banking sector scams is making news every day, cryptocurrency assures you complete privacy. State-of-the-art security features of cryptocurrency paired with two-factor authentication make every transaction leak proof. Each crypto transaction is verified and validated thoroughly. Hence no user information is leaked. However traditional banking services involve the disclosure of user identity or information to third parties, which makes it insecure.

Bitcoin versus Gold

Bitcoin is also known as the modern-day digital gold. Rightly because of its features and advanced technology, Bitcoin makes a better investment over Gold today. Here are some of the basic differences between Bitcoin and Gold:

  • Both gold and Bitcoin are volatile, but the degree of volatility varies. Bitcoin has higher volatility in terms of the true average range, making it more profitable over gold.
  • Gold is tangible asset stored in bank vaults or safety lockers, else there is every possible chance of getting stolen. Bitcoin on the other hand has no physical presence, stored in the Bitcoin wallet. Cryptocurrencies are secured by the private key, which is tough to steal or breakthrough.
  • The inherent value and history determine the craze for precious metal gold. But the Blockchain technology and price speculations are behind the demand for Bitcoin.

Modern-day investors now prefer Bitcoin over Gold. Crypto investment is just a few clicks away with the best Bitcoin exchange Australia. Here are the key points why Bitcoin is preferable:

  • A higher degree of volatility makes Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies more profitable.
  • Counterfeiting Bitcoin is never possible, but fake gold coins are in circulation in the market.
  • Bitcoin is limited in number, which makes it highly demanding. With time Bitcoin price will only increase as the number of Bitcoin mining ends near. Hence Bitcoin is an ideal investment in today’s economic situation.

Growing popularity

With time best Bitcoin exchange Australia is becoming popular and many individuals are joining these platforms. The flexibility of making and receiving payments from any place in the globe makes this payment structure preferable. All developed countries are accepting this new digital currency, and this feature is adding to its popularity. Bitcoin is quite different, and it comes with its own rules and options. Bitcoin is produced digitally by a good number of individuals who are involved in the colossal community or network.

With time there is a huge impact of Bitcoin into people’s lives. It is presently the most coveted thing. There are great deals of choices available when you are willing to acquire this currency. From genuine online sites, Bitcoin exchange helps consumers to sell or buy Bitcoin using fiat currencies.

Online exchanges

From some of the popular online portals, consumers can sell or purchase Bitcoin with cash, credit/debit card, or wired transfers. A real-time and secure trading platform is provided by popular crypto trading platforms. With so many facilities and options available, this young currency is growing a little bit every day. The best thing about this new currency is that consumers can use it for making payments or shopping from any online store or offline store. In this age of technology why not switch to this new payment structure? It is a secure and easiest way of paying or receiving funds from any place.

Easy to buy

If you are searching for the most common method to buy Bitcoin, the best Bitcoin exchange Australia is worth joining. There are many online exchanges available in the market that helps you in purchasing digital currencies in a few simple clicks. These service providers won’t sell Bitcoin themselves, but they will pair a buyer with a seller. Before making the exchange, the service provider will ask for some personal information, based on which all exchanges will take place. Joining these exchanges are the best way to buy cryptocurrencies.


From an investment perspective and considering the present economic scenario, it seems Bitcoin is more preferable than gold and traditional bank stocks. Because of global lockdown stocks are collapsing every day and there is no sign of a rebound anytime soon. The price of Gold is also falling rapidly, hence for investment purposes, neither of these is a lucrative option. So the best option today is to join Australian Bitcoin Exchanges and make Bitcoin investments.

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