How the concept of trading Bitcoin in Australia changing with time?

Is Initial Exchange offering the Latest trend in cryptocurrency?

Initial Exchange Offerings are presently the most popular trend in the cryptocurrency industry. In the last few years, IEOs have garnered attention in all spheres of the globe, seeing a surge of over 150%. Initial Exchange Offerings are conducted over trading Bitcoin in Australia exchanges and platforms. Ausfinex is one popular and reputed crypto exchange platform in Australia to join the IEO wave. A handful of IEOs is available with the platform to help professional and beginner traders.

Reputed and Reliable Platform

Initial Exchange Offerings are relatively new; hence it is important to join reliable and reputed trading platforms. Ausfinex is an AUSTRAC registered trading platform offering fast, safe, and secure Initial Exchange Offerings with fiat. A spectrum of cryptocurrencies is available for trading Bitcoin in Australia, including Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, and plenty more paired with AUD. Ausfinex is simplifying and enhancing the way to trade digital currencies.

The recent trend of Initial Exchange Offerings is boosting the crypto market. It is one new concept that will take cryptos back to Moon, a place it deserves! The whirlwind journey of Initial Currency Offerings saw trends in the crypto ecosystem back in 2019. In recent years, both Initial Coin Offerings and Initial Exchange Offerings are on the rise, because of its innovative concept and huge potential. Ausfinex allows you to explore both from its fast, secure, and safe trading platform.

By now everyone is aware the IEO’s are the next big thing in the crypto world. After a roller coaster ride of ICO’s now fasten your seatbelts for IEO’s. Ausfinex will make this journey memorable and exciting. The present crypto market is making the shift; it is entering the new world of IEO which will certainly pave way for new possibilities. But before becoming a part of this new era, few things you need to know.

Why is the shift?

The year 2017-18 saw a surge of Initial Coin Offerings in the crypto ecosystem. However, just like the dot-com bubble, the ICO bubble had the same destiny. During that span, the crypto ecosystem witnessed around 4000 ICO’s making its entry. Ausfinex is always adding new ICO’s to make Buy bitcoin Australia fast and easy. These ICO’s raised around $20 Billion from different venture capitalists and crowdfunding. But soon promising ICO’s faced downfall because of negative publicity, scams of few people, and strict government regulations. Following this, rates of ICO’s declined massively leading to crisis. Slowly ICO lost people’s money and most importantly trust.

This series of events made ICO’s a thing of the past. Now it was the time to make the shift to something more powerful, effective, reliable, and advanced. There is where Initial Exchange Offerings made its entry in the crypto ecosystem. A new mechanism of IEO’s was introduced, which soon raised around $2 Billion compared to traditional Blockchain-based tokens. By 2019 the switch towards one of the fastest and emerging capital funding platforms began. Being a popular crypto exchange platform, Ausfinex is constantly adding new coins and tokens to trading Bitcoin in Australia fast and easy.

What is IEO or Initial Exchange Offering?

IEO or Initial Exchange Offering is a method to raise funds of startups using crypto exchanges such as Ausfinex. This is a new concept which revolves around digital currency platforms. The exchange will host IEO on its platform for the startup and raise funds for its crypto project. The exchange will take a certain amount or percentage of the token traded on the platform. 

The crypto exchange platform administers and manages the IEO to raise sufficient funds. All necessary capital or fund for the startup is raised through tokens issued by the company. However, the company pays hosting fees or tokens to the exchange for this promotion. Isn’t it a cool concept?

Benefits of IEO or Initial Exchange Offerings

IEOs are the latest innovation which is far different from ICOs, hence its adoption and craze are on the rise. Compared to ICO, with IEO there are countless benefits to both startup and investors, creating a win-win situation for both parties. Here are a few of the benefits of IEO trading Bitcoin in Australia through Ausfinex:

Enhanced Security

The problem behind ICO was security and there is where IEO is making the impact. High levels of security to counter scams and frauds make IEO hugely demanding in the market. IEOs are all hosted in reliable crypto exchanges, security is given utmost priority. Also rather than any startup companies taking full control of user funds, exchange platforms keep it safe. Investors also find it reliable to trust Ausfinex for any IEOs as the exchange is highly reputed and known for state-of-the-art security features.

IEO’s bring plenty for crypto investors or traders, who directly engages with the trading platform. The best thing is crypto users don’t have to follow the tedious process of the AML/KYC process, as the trading platform has all the necessary information collected.

Comfort for Startups

One important feature of IEO is that it proves beneficial for all involved parties, even startups. Crypto exchanges are making the process of crowdfunding for both startups and investors smooth and easy. Exchanges like Ausfinex lend complete support to the startup my listing and marketing the tokens in the platform, which in general is a tedious and lengthy process. IEOs can therefore save a huge chunk of money from advertising, which can now be streamlined to other purposes. As the crypto trading platform promotes the startup on its platforms, the startup can market funds for boosting its project. Now that’s very helpful!

Safety of User Funds

Another feature that takes IEO a level above is the assurance of security and safety of user funds. ICO reputation was hurt because it failed to safeguard user funds, not the case with IEO. Any reputed exchange like Ausfinex will never host IEO from a poor or unreliable startup, this will risk Ausfinex’s reputation. Furthermore, Ausfinex thoroughly checks and screens the startup before adding IEOs to its list. Ausfinex won’t compromise with user safety and let its reputation tarnish. So Ausfinex user base can trust the IEO that gets listed on the site.

However, at any stage, if the exchange feels something suspicious, can instantly drop the IEO from the list. This makes trading Bitcoin in Australia through Ausfinex safe and secure.

Final Remarks

The whole crypto market is emerging with time, drawing the attention of the masses. Every day Buy bitcoin Australia trend is surging, helping the industry to grow. With more user base the crypto base is making the shift toward safer and better systems such as IEO. Are you not excited about it? Ausfinex is a popular and reliable trading platform that is making crypto buy and trade easy for all. Be part of future currency by joining Ausfinex exchange today. Welcome on board!

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