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Why should you consider Ethereum despite preferring Bitcoin?

ETH over BTC

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the king of cryptocurrencies, but are you planning to diversify your crypto investment portfolio? Did you ever give a thought to the other members of the crypto community? Yes, Bitcoin is the first child of cryptocurrency family, and it surely brings for you high profit, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering other cryptocurrencies also. Right? Ethereum is a popular currency and investing in it can be highly lucrative. Ethereum is today almost as popular as Bitcoin, trading it regularly can yield huge profits too. With the best cryptocurrency trading platform, you can buy or sell all popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc on the go.

It is high time to quit being a loyal Bitcoin fanatic and look for other options. Ethereum is surely the next best money-making opportunity. Join the best trading platform and start trading Ethereum today.

Why Ethereum is a good investment option?

In the last few years, Ethereum has carved itself as a niche in the global financial world. If you follow closely, ETH tokens are equally profitable as BTC. Here are some of the reasons to consider Ethereum for investment and trading:

Supports largest crypto projects

Ethereum is a Blockchain technology-based electronic currency. Turing-complete is the code driving Ethereum, which means the platform can operate any contract and solve the toughest computation problems. It features Ethereum Virtual Machine which users Ether for P2P transactions and trading. Ethereum wallets allow you to hold Ether and other digital currency assets. It also allows the use and creation of smart contracts.

Experts from around the world have expressed their appreciation and given positive feedback on Ethereum. It is one of the powerful and futuristic currencies driven by a network of resources and users. One also needs to know that the technology behind Ethereum is indeed more smart and advanced in comparison to Bitcoin. 

Has the largest ecosystem

It was over four years back when Vitalik Buterin started working on the Ethereum project, and in this short span of time, the platform has the largest ecosystem in the crypto fraternity. In 2020 multiple cryptocurrency projects have developed from the underlying technology of Ethereum, which says it all for the asset.

Maker and Basic Attention Token project are the two projects based on Ethereum Blockchain. Apart from these, there are several other projects such as USD Coin, Enjin, Nexo, and OmiseGo. The state-of-the-art nature and popularity of the platform depict the large ecosystem of the digital currency.

Leader of decentralized apps

Today Ethereum Technology is the source for more 3000 decentralized applications in the field of media, finance, gaming, health, and other different niches. One needs to believe that Ethereum dominates the decentralized Application market by a huge margin, making it way ahead and efficient than Bitcoin.

Top-notch security, faster and more scalable

All Ethereum smart contracts use Blockchain-based applications for implementation and negotiation of contracts. State-of-the-art and advanced Blockchain technology enforces and verifies these contracts by decentralization. This is extremely important and helpful for the prevention of censorship or fraudulent activities.

The technology verifies all Ethereum transactions within a split second and smart contracts ensure full security. With the introduction of Ethereum 2.0, users can expect more advanced features and facilities. The next version is way more scalable and faster, in the sense that it will validate transactions faster and efficiently.

Augur Platform

Augur is the most popular and accessible decentralized prediction market platform based on Ethereum Blockchain. It is the first decentralized application software that is operating on Ethereum. The platform enables trading in seconds at a meager fee and offers hassle-free betting facilities. Augur is universally accessible and slowly growing popular around the world.


There are innumerable reasons to select Ethereum for both investment and trading purposes. It is a technology that is par excellence. The best thing about this technology is security, transparency, and scalability. Ethereum is today widely accepted and the most popular currency among crypto enthusiasts. Start investing or trading on cryptocurrency trading platform, it is surely the dark horse in the crypto market.

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