Expert Shares: The BTC Price trend in 2020 Christmas

Looking Back at Bitcoin Price Trends from Past Christmases

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Worried about the recent crypto price trends? Not sure what is happening? Don’t think you’re alone; millions of crypto enthusiasts across the globe are also concerned. The present crypto price trends are making it complicated for people to Buy and sell cryptocurrency in Australia from the best crypto trading exchanges. But according to the crypto analysts and enthusiasts, the crypto price might reach $40,000 by the end of 2020. It means maybe Santa will come with the good news. What do you say? To get a clear picture, let us look back to how the crypto market performed in some of the last Christmases.

The crypto market has grown dramatically in the last few years, trading Bitcoin in Australia and other parts have seen exponential rise. Did you remember anyone predicting the crypto rise of such a scale during that time? It was beyond imagination and that is why one can’t predict crypto behavior. As we look back on the previous Christmas price trends of popular cryptocurrencies, we can see a significant turnover of these currencies.

Christmas 2014

Everyone remembers 2017 Christmas because crypto prices broke all records. It was 2014 Christmas that saw an increase of nearly 1,000% in the number of virtual currencies. Though many new cryptocurrencies joined the market, the price performance of popular cryptos was bearish. Almost all popular cryptocurrencies lost half of its value; trading Bitcoin in Australia was around $318 then.

Christmas 2015

The year 2015 was satisfactory for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Price of Bitcoin gained over 30 percent. Bitcoin is the most dominant cryptocurrency. More or less all crypto prices follows Bitcoin price trends. During Christmas 2015, the price fluctuated so high and reached at $416.50. Slowly crypto price trends were garnering the attention of enthusiasts; many were hesitant to invest fearing huge price fluctuations. Almost all popular crypto prices saw a considerable price increase, ending the year 2015 on a high.

Christmas 2016

Many crypto investors will remember the 2016 Christmas because Bitcoin price increased by around 111%. It was that time of the year when people started realizing and taking Bitcoin seriously. Internet, news, and magazines have started considering the next big thing. From $416, the Bitcoin price reached $878.80 in December 2016. Like always all popular digital currencies gained momentum and it was that time when Bitcoin was getting popular.

Christmas 2017

Not many individuals will forget 2017 Christmas. It was a dream run which surprised everyone. Who would have thought cryptocurrencies will make such an impact? It was after December 2017 that the whole course of Bitcoin and other digital currencies changed. Even though crypto prices have crashed recently, it was the 2017 Bull trend that grabbed the attention of many common people. Christmas 2017 was special for every crypto investor as Santa delivered bountiful gifts to the crypto community. Bitcoin price gained around 1,500% in the last one year touching the magical figure. Soon Bitcoin claimed to $14,057 from $858. 

Suddenly crypto investments in Australia increased. People who have been criticizing Bitcoin now started investing huge money. Christmas 2017 showed the world that miracles do happen. This time it was in the form of Bitcoin. Apart from Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum and Monero gained immensely.

Christmas 2018

After a dream 2017 Christmas, every crypto investor and enthusiast were expecting another surprise from Santa. But all crypto markets faced huge loss. Bitcoin price dropped by almost 70% in the last year, says it all. From $14,057 in December 2017, Bitcoin was traded for $4,200 in December 2018.

Christmas 2019

The year 2019 saw crypto prices consolidating. On December 25th, 2019, the Bitcoin price was $7,325. This allured many investors to invest in it.

At the time of writing, this article Bitcoin price is hovering around $9,759. Expectations around digital currency have undoubtedly increased massively this year. So, it is the best time to invest in the top Bitcoin trading platform in Australia.

Now as we are gearing up to enter 2020, it’s the time to set the platform for coming Christmas. How do you expect the cryptocurrency market to perform by Christmas 2020? Share your Buy and sell cryptocurrency in Australia experience with us!

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