Ausfinex Addresses Barriers to Mass Adoption in Unique Exchange Model

Ausfinex Addresses Barriers to Mass Adoption in Unique Exchange Model

Over 300,000 Australians invested in cryptocurrency. As that number rises daily, few Australian exchanges are available for those investors to trade on. On the few exchanges that are available, issues such as security and consumer protection have gone unaddressed. As more government funding and support for blockchain surfaces in the South Pacific, more Blockchain enterprises are choosing to call Australia their home. With more virtual currencies being created, more cryptocurrency is flooding into exchanges now more than ever. The Australian market has little competition as well as high fees on the small number of operating exchanges.

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Breaking the shackles

A newcomer to the market, Ausfinex is on a path to break down low competition, high cost barriers thwarting a wider pool of users from adopting blockchain and virtual currency. With Ausfinex’s $0.00 Deposit and Withdrawal fee, the exchange has received a lot of attention and support from the earliest stages of development.

The exchange offers over 100 coins paired directly with the Australian Dollar (AUD) and over 300 paired with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The wide assortment of virtual currency at a low-cost entry point has allowed Ausfinex to carve themselves as a niche within the Australian exchange space. Investors look for differentiation when identifying development projects to fund. Given Ausfinex’s ability to target the distinct barriers that are impeding growth, Ausfinex will continue to magnetize investors.

Addressing all concerns

Leading second generation coins such as IOTA and Stellar will be offered on the Ausfinex exchange. These low fee, quick transaction speed ecosystems are leading the next generation of virtual currency. Especially in places like the South Pacific where cross-border payment transactions are necessary for international payments.

In response to consumer protection concerns, Ausfinex has implemented several security features. Options such as 2-factor authentication, cold storage of tokens, and advanced encryption technology are simplifying things. The exchange is registered with AUSTRAC, and complies with AML/CTF guidelines.

Given the Ausfinex’s ability to address the barriers to mass adoption within Australia, the exchange has the potential to emerge as not only the regional leader but a global cryptocurrency exchanges leader.

AUSFINEX approaches design decisions with security and consumer protection above all other factors. Be on the lookout as Ausfinex marches through their roadmap and onto the world’s stage in 2018. Register for the Beta test today.

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