Crypto to Fiat Exchange Investment: Society’s Boon or Bane?

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: How Media is Using Both of Its Popularity?

crypto to fiat exchange investment

Cryptocurrencies have completed ten years in the business, but often it’s been linked to criminals and illegal activities. Since inception, cryptocurrencies have gone through many ups and downs but its link with criminals and illegal use remained constant till today. Media and critics have been very discourteous on this innovation, as crypto crime stories are highlighted everywhere. Today Blockchain application and Crypto to Fiat Exchange Investment is reaching every field, that day is not far when all traditional systems or concepts will be replaced by these two modern-day innovations.

Highlighting the pros

Starting from crypto scams to crypto exchange hacks, digital currency demand as ransom by kidnappers and Bitcoin frauds are making headlines every day. Like every other innovation, cryptos too have its pros and cons. By highlighting only cryptocurrency cons one can’t simply write-off its potential in every sector.  Had it been the case, cryptocurrency and blockchain application wouldn’t have taken place at such massive scale.

Cryptos are already getting a good response from some countries, in the coming years, other nations will also follow the trend. Iran is one example which reversed its decision of crypto ban within a short span of time. Cryptocurrency is an efficient and transparent system which is ideal for today’s digital age. No matter how much dirt thrown, someday media will realize the importance and potential of cryptocurrency.

An Efficient new system

In 10 years of existence, a lot has been said and written about cryptocurrencies, despite which crypto craze is seen across the globe. Mainstream media have always grasped the opportunity to throw dirt on cryptocurrency and its overall idea. To an extent, its understandable as criminals have always found safe-haven in digital currencies. Starting from illegal transaction to drug smuggling, weapon deal to theft, ransom to hacks, cryptos have always been on the firing line. Apart from these, lots of developments have happened off late. Cryptos have now moved out successfully from dark world to mainstream system, getting acceptance from businesses of all scales. Only few would have thought such wide-scale crypto acceptance and adoption but its now a proven fact. The number of businesses accepting and entering the crypto ecosystem is increasing rapidly every day. 

Seeing by recent trends that day is not far when Bitcoin becomes a serious financial asset, already in many nations, it’s use and popularity as a financial asset has seen massive growth. Is it not the time when mainstream media stops linking Bitcoin to only criminal cases? Shouldn’t media also cover all its good stories that make it an ideal global currency? Cryptos are used by criminals to facilitate the transfer of value, but why should the concept be blamed? Every day new technologies are coming up to simplify the lives of common people if few criminals find other means of using the technology for their gain that doesn’t mean questions will be raised on its ability. 

Bottom line

Mainstream media is always busy in sensationalizing simple things; cryptocurrency is no different. The idea is to make headlines without bothering if such stories are denting the image of cryptocurrency or Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly the hottest topic in today’s time, mentioning it always gives any news extra mileage. So cryptos and Blockchain are two frequently used phrases of recent times. Just by covering any news around these two topics will give them huge scope to become popular. With time as cryptos keep evolving and becoming one of the mainstream concepts of the financial world, such negative stories will be things of past. Digital assets are slowly but steadily becoming a part of daily life, keep aside all its negative news and be a part of this modern-day innovation.

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