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How Cryptocurrency Will Transform the Lives of Poor People?

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Why learn about the use of cryptocurrency through despair and crisis? Venezuela is one country that seeing the mass adoption of cryptos following economic turmoil in the country. Even today people are fine with money unless they come across any hardship; one main reason why crypto adoption is delayed in many nations. So to better understand the situation compare what has happened right at the start with the Internet. Earlier people didn’t feel the need for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email or Skype. However after 20 years of the Internet revolution, hardly anyone can survive without it. The same holds for cryptocurrencies, all seemed to work fine but soon masses start realizing what they have been missing all these days its adoption rate will increase rapidly.


For several years letters with stamps in envelopes reached destinations in several days worldwide. Common people were satisfied with train, bus and taxi services, the dial-up phone connection was going well and people communicated through messages or phones. In spite of all these the innovation and change came, it transformed the world in a few years completely. The main purpose of the Internet revolution was to give people more freedom and most importantly the speed of information. The Blockchain and crypto revolution is also going through the same phase, soon people start getting a taste of facilities it’s acceptance and use will increase.

Technology for betterment of humankind

Even today many people are unable to use banks or censored for no reason. Economic turmoil in African countries and other parts is known to all. In those countries dictators, corrupts and thieves are fooling common people in the name of centralized institutions. But, how long will these trends continue? Like the Internet, Blockchain is waiting to change the whole system forever; users need to give this innovation a try. So people need to realize this and start making the switch for better tomorrow.

People tend to forget what happened in the past, the Internet revolution is not too old. Blockchain and cryptocurrency will give people that much-needed freedom to control their own hard-earned money. So by using the best OTC trading platform one can send or receive funds across borders in a few simple clicks without involving third parties. This will not only save time and effort but will also bring down transaction fees. With cryptocurrencies, corrupt leaders and institutes will no more get the chance to loot the money of common people. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have that revolutionary power to end corruption and make financial systems transparent.

The new light of hope

The Internet of money is a reliable and transparent system that rules out all middleman, corruption and human failure making the system safe for all. It took 20 long years ofthe Internet to become mainstream and merge into the lives of common people, now its time for Blockchain to bring another change. Cryptos have already completed ten years in the business and its craze has only increased over the years. People from around the world are showing enthusiasm to buy and sell through BTM kiosks and online best OTC trading platform. Now people from around the world have smartphones with high-speed Internet, that day is also nearing when traditional currencies will be replaced by Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether.

There are already hundreds of online portals and blogs providing useful information about cryptocurrency, enthusiasts can learn about this innovation from the ease of their smartphone anytime. Start gaining knowledge on cryptocurrency and Blockchain before this new revolution takes charge. So, already in many places around the world crypto adoption has seen a massive increase, users trade cryptocurrencies from online exchanges like AusFinex. The best thing about crypto is that it will include unbanked and poor into the system helping them make transactions in a fast and secure manner. Did anyone think of such a revolution a few years back? Technology has surely given us the opportunity, now it’s up to masses to adopt this new concept.

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