The different age groups of Australian Bitcoin Exchanges

What is the 4 different age groups of Bitcoin?

Australian Bitcoin Exchanges

There’s no doubt the fact that Bitcoin is the hottest topic today. Curious people, be it colleagues, friends or relatives are constantly eager to know more about this financial world sensation. Well here is a piece to explain Bitcoin to four different age groups. When did you first came to know about Bitcoin, register on any Australian Bitcoin Exchanges, or buy your first cryptocurrency?

For many, it may be tough to recall, but it is not too long. Bitcoin is in the market for over a decade now. However, it came to light after the 2017 Crypto Bull Run. As we move ahead public interest in this popular cryptocurrency is growing every year. With media coverage and government initiatives, people of all age groups are growing curios about this ‘Next Big Thing’.

According to recent research, there are around 25 million Bitcoin users globally today. But this figure is changing rapidly. Don’t be surprised if it doubles in next year or so.

However, with an outlook of future growth, it is time for you and your close ones to understand Bitcoin and popular Australian Bitcoin Exchanges. It is generally the Bitcoin price which sets the discussion but one needs to understand the fundamentals and core principles of this digital currency. Having clear fundamentals will ensure a smooth ride ahead.

Bitcoin for Children

Children’s brains can grasp a lot of exciting and accurate information, when delivered to them in the right possible manner. Children may have a limited vocabulary but you can easily make them the fundamentals clear. A simplified way of passing the message is important.  The coolest and best way to communicate about Bitcoin with a kid is through play. Children of all age groups are fond of business games. Hence explaining to them about Bitcoin as you transact is the best method.

Bitcoin is online or digital money which is traded via the best Bitcoin exchange Australia. Bitcoin has no physical shape and it is stored on a computer or a tablet. So just like traditional coins, you can’t hold Bitcoin. Whenever you want to buy a new toy, clothes, or food, everyone uses coins or banknotes. But now you can also use Bitcoin, from smartphones or tablets in a few simple clicks. Now that is very easy to understand!

Bitcoin for Teenagers

Teenagers are very much fond and interested in the latest technologies. Many teenagers are already aware of Bitcoin, some even have owned few. But before venturing into this new world, you need to be clear with the fundamentals.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates on digital ledger names as the Blockchain via the internet. It is not controlled by government, organization, or any business. Bitcoin runs on innumerable high-end or sophisticated computers named as miners. All Bitcoin transactions are recorded and verified by best Bitcoin exchange Australia miners. For this task miners receive a fee in the form of Bitcoin. Any individual with a computer and high-speed internet can be a miner from any part of the world.

Bitcoin is similar to any currency which allows you to buy items or goods, store it on a digital wallet. Digital currencies are easily accessible through smartphones, tablets, or computers anytime; you need not visit offices or banks for transactions. Bitcoin can be divided into smaller units, called Satoshi. Using the best Bitcoin exchange Australia you can buy or sell Bitcoin in few simple clicks.

Bitcoin for Adults

Adults have a fair share of knowledge about Bitcoin, thanks to the last Crypto Bull Run. Moreover, the existing flaws and limitations of the present monetary system are drawing the attention of adults into cryptocurrency. Moreover, they’re smart and tech-savvy, so very much aware of the uses of digital coin or money.

According to a recent survey, Bitcoin is much popular among adults of age group 18 to 34. The poll also suggested that there is consistent crypto awareness, craze to purchase, and use among adults.  A key takeaway from the survey is that Bitcoin is growing stronger and familiar in younger age groups. The truth is crypto fondness among adults will play an important role in Bitcoin’s potential growth in the next few years.

With time most Australian Bitcoin Exchanges are getting more adult users. Bitcoin has no regulation and censorship, the most important feature which makes it popular among this age group. Moreover, with technology and internet outreach, the Bitcoin craze is seeing a massive rise among adults.

Bitcoin for seniors

Often we underestimate the knowledge of seniors, but they are way ahead always. Though not all may be actively using smartphones, tablets, or laptops often, they have a good understanding of the new world. Explaining the concept of best Bitcoin exchange Australia and Bitcoin to seniors is not that tough. In some developed countries, seniors are frequently trading and using Bitcoin for regular transactions. If someone is unaware of this new concept, one can easily pass the message by using the simple day to day examples.

Bitcoin much familiar among Millennial

Though general awareness of Bitcoin and Australian Bitcoin Exchanges is equal around the world, digital assets are much popular among younger or adult age groups. According to a recent poll here are some of the interesting facts that came to light:

  • Most Bitcoin users are in-between ages 18 and 34.
  • About 60% of people in-between ages 18 and 34 have a positive view of Bitcoin innovation. However, 25% of people above 65 feel the same way.
  • When it comes to future adoption, about half of the users or enthusiasts between 18 and 34 ages believe Bitcoin has a long way to go. But it counts to only 16% for seniors.
  • More importantly, about 40 percent of adult groups are likely to buy Bitcoin or use best Bitcoin exchange Australia in the next few years, whereas a mere 8% of 65 or older are interested to make Bitcoin investment in the coming days.
  • Almost 20 millennial claims that they own Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. However mere 2% of those around 65 claims to have crypto investments.
  • Another most interesting fact is millennials today prefer Bitcoin over traditional assets, mostly after the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent poll conducted on a global scale suggests around 30% prefer Bitcoin over bonds, around 27% banks on Bitcoin over stocks, and 25% prefer Bitcoin than real estate. The craze for Bitcoin is more in comparison to gold as well.

Bitcoin Awareness on the rise

Bitcoin is ruling the crypto market and this trend will remain the same for a few more years now. The recent COVID-19 pandemic and global economic turmoil have suddenly forced commoners to think beyond traditional assets and gold. And there is where a fondness for Bitcoin is increasing. Moreover, the age group between 18 and 40 is more tech-savvy and bold, so are excited about this innovation. Going forward Bitcoin craze and adoption among all age groups will only increase as a lot has been talked about and written about it everywhere.

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