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Ausfinex is evolving the way we trade cryptocurrency

Our mission is to provide an advanced, seamless online trading platform that will unlock financial freedom for our customers. This will empower them to trade on their terms in a secure, user-friendly environment. We strive to be the best fiat to crypto exchange.

Our platform features make it easy

Intuitive Interface

Real-time monitoring

Our intuitive Dashboard gives you a graphical view of the key performance of all your holdings and all the different coins you might be looking to hold. Detailed Portfolio Insight gives you insights into your full trading performance and Live Profit/Loss Tracker keeps track of where you stand at all times in terms of the value of your portfolio. All of this data can be easily exported in Excel spreadsheet format.

Full liquidity order book

Low spreads. With access to a global market, your order is filled quickly with delay. Our full liquidity order book finds you the best possible price for any asset at that particular time. Finding the best prices gives you an edge that helps you get higher profits from your investments.

Trading Flexibility

The "Instant Buy/Sell" option makes trading easier for beginners. Our "Exchange" option for professional high-frequency traders offers a large selection of trading pairs over 300 cryptocurrency pairs. The "Exchange" option also supports different types of orders and multiple payment options to give you flexibility for your crypto-fiat exchange.

Security at its best

Our banking grade security offers advanced encryption, cold storage, 2-factor authentication (2FA), and Biometric authentication based on cutting-edge security standards and backed by artificial intelligence. These features give you peace of mind against hackers, crackers and other pests from accessing your hard-earned funds.

Instant Identity Verification

Instant KYC, Biometric Identity verification, Global Sanctions and PEPs check, and compliance with all regulatory obligations ensures that you are really who you say you are and is a safeguard against identity theft, money laundering and other criminal activities.

Maximize your potential with our full suite of powerful features


Our continuous updates in technology enable us to deliver cutting-edge exchange solutions with speed & scalability to each corner of the world.


Stay on top of your trading portfolio with detailed insight. View your portfolio’s progress from a daily perspective, or expand out into a weekly or monthly view.

Mobile apps

Trade from wherever you are with our mobile and tablet apps for Apple iOS and the Android platform. They both contain rich charting features, cutting-edge order types and a wealth of significant account detail.

High performance

A trading platform with ample liquidity, multiple cryptocurrency coins, fiat-crypto gateways, and the highest degree of safety and security–without overspending on development or infrastructure.

Keep track of everything, everywhere you go

Download our free mobile and tablet apps and stay connected to the Ausfinex platform, inside, outside or anywhere you go.

Ausfinex is for everyone


Our intuitive interface offers multi-order options and an API for high-frequency traders


Our Instant Buy/Sell option provides a user-friendly interface for beginning traders


Our OTC desk offers dedicated and personalised service to support customised trading service with low fees and quick settlement

Start your trading journey with Ausfinex today