Billion Dollar Entertainment Giant TRON Can Make Social Media Extinct as We Know It

The platform allows entertainers to publish content directly, making the artists the owners. TRX has many new announcements and updates coming out before the end of May, including a Main Net Launch and the release of what they call the Virtual Machine.


Singapore-based, the company is headed by Forbes 30 under 30 CEO, Justin Sun. The accomplished young entrepreneur already runs PEIWO, which has over 10 million users. Additionally, he was handpicked by the CEO of Alibaba, Jack Ma, to attend Ma’s university. You can read more about the current 512 billion dollar evaluation of Ali Baba here.

Justin Sun’s disruptive platform TRON (TRX) has the potential to takeover mega social media giants like Facebook.

Second Web Social Media Killer?

The ecosystem allows musicians, authors, and other types of artists to publish content directly. They are directly compensated for content, as opposed to middlemen like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple.

A public, immutable ledger also enables content not to be altered. Every action on the blockchain is recorded in a transparent, centralised location.

Main Net Launch

With TRON’s upcoming Main Net launch at the end of May, it will leave ERC-20 to launch its network. Other blockchains such as EOS have recently launched their Main Net to tremendous success. Time will tell if the impact of TRON’s Main Net launch will be enough to lift the coin’s success to the same level as other blockchains who’ve made similar moves.

Once the Main Net launches, TRON’s Justin Sun believes that his ecosystem can rival Ethereum.

The Main Net will include the launch of TRON’s Virtual Machine, which allows dApps built on the old Ethereum-based network to migrate to TRON’s newest platform successfully. TRON has gained over 100K users in the first year alone.

Over 70 different markets and 99 trading pair locations currently offer TRX. To instantly gain access to over 100 coins paired directly with the Australian Dollar, and over 300 coins paired with Bitcoin and Ethereum, you should buy TRX on the Australian exchange AUSFINEX.

Super Representatives

As a final, very community-centered update, TRON announced there will be Super Representatives elections held on June 26. This follows up on TRON’s initial promise to be self-governed. These SRs will uphold the consensus model that TRON’s platform is based on.

With all of the exciting announcements and updates for TRON’s system, May and June may be good months for TRON. Everything has to go smoothly first.

Remember to do your own research and consult a financial adviser before you make any investment decisions on your own.

— Andrew Mailen