Will the year 2020 bring good news for Bitcoin investors?

Will the year 2020 bring good news for Bitcoin investors?

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Bitcoin has been the most unpredictable markets which can swing either way. Over the years Bitcoin craze reached new heights. It is a new concept which was introduced as an alternative to traditional exchanges. The unregulated nature of Bitcoin makes it volatile, but as the crypto market matures this fluctuation will reduce. Today’s generation is in favor of this new technology, which has grown in popularity consistently over the years. Bitcoin price is highly speculative; media can put a huge impact on its trends. It is a good news for bitcoin investors. But the most interesting thing about Bitcoin is that it tends to mimic some of its past price trends. 

Ever since inception, Bitcoin has gone through several bear markets and it has come around strongly, in spite of critics signing it off every time. Bitcoin can be highly rewardable but one needs to buy digital currency in Australia at the right time. Also, investors need to be patient; faint-hearted should stay away from crypto investment. After an eventful 2017, Bitcoin price started dropping from January 2018 and this trend continued all through the year. The worst thing is Bitcoin lost around 80% of this highest recorded price, shattering hopes of many crypto investors. News everywhere highlighted crypto price fall, but there were lots of happening behind the scene to get the basics right. In the year 2019 many new features were tested and added. This in turn will help Bitcoin rule the market like never before. 

Will Bitcoin price rise in 2020?

The year 2019 wasn’t that interesting for crypto investors. Bitcoin and all popular digital currencies lost a huge chunk of its peak value. Investors from around the world showed faith in Bitcoin after the 2017 Bull Run, but their nerves are being tested off late. Following the hype, many bought Bitcoin with the hope their money will be doubled in quick time, but cryptocurrency price trends shattered all dreams. At the time of writing this article, the bitcoin rate is around $7,800 mark. 

Bitcoin price has stabilized immensely in the last few months; new features are coming up that are added to the platform. In days to come these new features will play an important part to help its price trend get back on track. New developments are making Bitcoin trading fees lower with faster transaction speed; this will lure more people to use Bitcoin. Experts and developers believe it’s only a matter of time before the price of Bitcoin gets back on course. New initiatives and features will only make Bitcoin stronger helping it dominant the crypto space in years to come. 

Fingers crossed!

Millions around the world are eager to see Bitcoin touch its former value of $20,000, which garnered the attention of crypto enthusiasts in 2017. The year 2020 is expected to get things into place, crypto enthusiasts have been eager to see some price surge. A new set of features will help Bitcoin get all the focus but its still very early to expect 2017 like breakout. The next biggest crypto breakout can be expected around mid 2020, till then its a good time for bitcoin investors to buy bitcoin and wait for the miracle to happen. The increase in Bitcoin demand will drive its price to all new heights. 

By now you should be aware that Bitcoin often mimics its previous trends. Bitcoin experienced a bear market in 2014 before its price started recovering in 2016. Many believe this same trend can be seen now, but all you need to do is have patience. 

What’s coming next?

Bitcoin is a new concept that has gone through several developments in the last few years. New developments and features are enhancing the usability of Bitcoin, in coming days this will only attract more users to this new platform. 

The years 2018 – 2019 saw some extensive developments and game-changing features are lined up for 2020, in the next few years Bitcoin will emerge as the biggest sensation. With every passing year, we are going one step closer to mass adoption, it’s the future. 

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