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A crypto exchange platform geared towards customer growth

Cryptocurrency can create exceptional financial freedom for those individuals who are serious about growing their financial portfolio with modern, online trade opportunities. Unlike the traditional bank and savings offers that many of us were and are still accustomed to as the main source of saving and investment, crypto offers a secure environment that cuts out the middle man and puts you in charge of your trading.

This is where Ausfinex’s unique, customer-centered approach comes into play.

A unique approach with your financial wellbeing at its core

Ausfinex, an AUSTRAC registered cryptocurrency exchange, was formed to not only provide a secure trading platform for customers, but also a space where individuals at various stages of their financial journey can trade, from beginners to professionals.

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, we proudly offer a user-friendly interface that enables traders to easily complete buy and sell transactions. These include a wide variety of digital currencies paired with AUD, ETH and BTC.

Our mission

To provide an advanced, seamless online trading platform that will unlock financial freedom for our customers and empower them to trade on their terms in a secure, user-friendly environment.

Our Values

Five core pillars underpin our trading offering:


We are committed to and value the importance of a trading platform that demonstrates the highest standards of integrity, transparency and high performance.

Providing a platform that is secure and trustworthy is part of our ethos and we pride ourselves on creating a platform that our customers can trust and use with confidence.


We do not overcomplicate the trading process and make it as easy and hassle-free as possible for our customers. We keep those things that are important and do not include those that will hamper or strain our customers’ trading experiences.


When it comes to our service offering, we provide a professional service for our customers without any compromise. We value demonstrating an honest, accountable approach that demonstrates our work ethic and exceptional communication with our customers.


Our customers are at the core of our service offering. Every aspect of our services is tailored to match customer expectations and create long-standing relationships. Customer requirements are paramount to our services and we pride ourselves on providing an industry-leading platform that is reliable and trusted.

Safe and secure

We know that when it comes to financial matters, safety is of the utmost importance, especially when trading on online platforms. We take exceptional care to ensure that all data and private information are carefully stored and not left vulnerable. This includes consistent training for all our staff for the latest online trading safety measures. You can also rest assured that we will never share your data with any third-parties. Your information is safe and secure with Ausfinex!

Brand values and beliefs geared towards an exceptional experience

When it comes to cryptocurrency offerings, we understand the benefits of a seamless approach that is hassle- and jargon-free, ensuring that our customers feel at ease trading on our platform.

Our industry-leading approach and customer-first ethos guide us to provide a modern solution that is on par with customer expectations. Coupled with 24/7 support and exceptional security, we provide a trading experience that is optimised for our customers’ convenience.

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