July 2019 - Ausfinex: Cryptocurrency Exchange | Bitcoin Exchange

July 2019

Growing Use of Bitcoin for Remittance

After a dream run on December 2017, Bitcoin prices kept falling gradually all through the year and now finally its showing an upward trend. Crypto enthusiasts invested huge amount but within few months Bitcoin lost around 80% of its total value. None ever thought this to happen but that is the sad reality. Bitcoin investment is always risky because of its high price fluctuations. One should be aware of these sudden price rises and falls. Despite bear crypto market, […]

Will crypto adoption rate increase in 2019?

Cryptocurrency is the fastest growing market in today’s time, its price trends are making news everywhere in the financial world. More number of crypto trading platforms and BTM kiosks are coming up around the country; people can now buy cryptocurrency australia anytime at ease. Crypto trading volume is increasing every day; millions of vendors across countries are now showing huge interest in cryptocurrencies. So buying necessary items and paying for professional services with cryptocurrencies are becoming a common trend […]