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Ausfinex, a crypto-fiat exchange and payments platform, can quickly and securely facilitate exchange between any currency, crypto or fiat. Users no longer need to go through the hassle of converting their currency through BTC, ETH, AUD, USD, or EUR to access other cryptocurrencies, as a wide range of crypto and fiat currencies will be available on the Ausfinex platform.

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100+ Crypto-Fiat Pairs

High Liquidity

Quickly buy and sell without affecting the price

Cybersecurity Insurance

Increased protection against cyberattacks for greater peace of mind

Trading Flexibility

Over 100 cryptocurrencies are available for trading, with more and more added every day

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State-of-the-Art Security

Funds are safer than ever with security features like biometric access and multi-signature wallets

Payment Options

Easily make payments in either fiat or cryptocurrency

24/7 Customer Support

Help is available any time via telephone or live-chat support

360 Services


We offer a highly personalised service to help high-volume traders execute large block trades. Suitable for hedge funds, private wealth managers, and high net worth individuals.

Payments Platform

Our payment platform will allow every day users to send and receive money in any of the supported currencies for both fiat and cryptocurrencies, in any combination.

Coin Launcher

Build and launch your ICO or blockchain project with us and we will guide you all the way, from idea to exchange listing.

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